Your Data is your Business. Protecting it is ours.


MettaSphere LLC is Lincoln City's best cybersecurity and PC repair team. If you have computer issues or questions about tech, we are the people to call. Let our techs help you become more educated and more confident about tech.

Business & Home Solutions


Business users

  • Custom PC and Server Builds

  • Tech Shopping

  • IT Repair and Consulting

  • Data Backup

  • Computer security

  • Internet Failsafe

  • Network Hardware

  • Server Monitoring & Patch Management

  • Full HIPAA-Compliant Network monitoring

  • Cloud Computing

  • VOIP Phone Service

  • Customer tracking, shopper analytics, and reward programs

  • Online Video Reviews & Testimonials

  • And other subscription software (e.g. Microsoft Office)

Home users

  • Custom PC Build

  • Tech Shopping

  • PC Repair & Consulting

  • Data Backup

  • Computer Security

  • Subscription Software (e.g Microsoft Office)

  • Smart Home Setup/Support

  • Smart Phones Support


Company Education

Here at MettaSphere, we will help provide education to your employees and create a culture around data security. We believe that the heart of your business is its culture, and that incorporating data security into that culture will build a more secure and profitable business.


One of our main focuses is to provide training, we have provided access to all our training videos for free here along with live events at select locations. We encourage everyone to learn what they can about securing their data and protecting there endpoint. Along with learning how tech can help you make more profitable.

Upcoming Events

We do live events. Join us at an upcoming event and say hi.

Scam Avoidance Crash Course


Family Promise - Lincoln City
5030 SE Highway 101
Lincoln City, OR 97367


2:00PM Thursday, March 14, 2019

Take action to confound scammers who think you are a tasty target! Keep your cash out of the hands of criminals by learning to detect and thwart them.

We'll not only teach you some of the current scams to watch out for, we'll teach you the key ways to identify scams in general, and what you can do to avoid falling for their traps. 


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MettaSphere has partnered with top companies in the industry to provide the excellent service and solutions we strive for.



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MettaSphere is located in Lincoln City Oregon, Right off Highway 101.

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