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MettaSphere LLC is Coastal Oregon's best cybersecurity and PC repair team. We believe in educating everyone on the importance of Data Security and how tech can help them in their business or daily needs. We were founded by Ellie Schmidt and Eric Floerchinger in 2018 shortly after learning how vulnerable most of America is to cyber attacks and about the long term effects of being a victim of cyber warfare. Yesterday’s wars were fought by conventional weapons. Today's wars are fought on the Internet, and we are already seeing state-sponsored hackers attacking another country's infrastructure. And just as in World War 2, civilians and the private sector are going to be a large target. Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility, each one of us. We know a country is only as strong as its people who believe in it.

Ellie | MettaSphere

Ellie Schmidt

Ellie Schmidt is a strong Woman leading the way in the business world for others to follow in her footsteps. She grew up around tech her whole life. She started as a young child building and repairing computers for friends, family and people from the local church. As she got older, she started working for Northwest College as a tech who put her customers first. After that she moved on to helping build tech in smaller businesses before she went to school for Cisco Networking. After school she joined up with WDS Global. At WDS Global, she realized her passion in life was to help educate others in tech and where it’s going. In 2010, with Eric Floerchinger, she started Project Zen Online, a software company in Boise Idaho. Project Zen Online was focused on helping small businesses build an online presence and educate them on online marketing and social media. In 2018, Eric and Ellie started MettaSphere. MettaSphere’s focus is to educate home users and small/medium businesses about Data Security and the importance it will hold in the future.


Eric formed his first tech business in high school, winning a government contract to provide computers and support to his school district. He has since worked in IT departments for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, as well as operating an independent consultancy and an online marketing firm. Eric is a strong problem-solver with a belief that tech should enhance life, not make it more difficult. Eric believes that a company's technology should contribute to the core mission, and not just be a necessary burden. At WDS Global, he created custom software to enhance auditing and accountability and centralize knowledge, as well as save a projected 16,000 man-hours a year. Eric has also realized savings of over $25,000 for another client when redesigning their network for smoother operation.

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