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Committed to Excellence

Hello and welcome to MettaSphere! Wikipedia defines Metta as "Benevolence, Loving-kindness,friendliness, amity, goodwill, and active interest in others". Urban Dictionary states Metta is a "Sincere wish for the welfare and genuine happiness of all beings, without exception". Oxford Dictionary defines Metta as "Meditation focused on the development of unconditional love for all beings". So what's this to do with Data Security and Information technology? Or your local Techie that you call when your computer breaks? Well we care for everyone not just this one group of people or this other. We care for all and that’s why our first goal is to educate and provide you the knowledge we have on Data Security and Information Technology. After that, we provide Services to those who would like us to take care of their Data Security and IT needs. Finally we Care so much that we also work with others to provide free Data Security and IT solutions to those in need who can not afford. So contact us for whatever your data security or IT services needs could be. And let’s all focus on a little Metta.  Oh yeah, and Sphere? — that's the Earth, all of us!

MettaSphere LLC is Coastal Oregon's best cybersecurity and PC repair team. We believe in educating everyone on the importance of Data Security and how tech can help them in their business or daily needs. We were founded by Ellie Schmidt and Eric Floerchinger in 2018 shortly after learning how vulnerable most of America is to cyber attacks and about the long term effects of being a victim of cyber warfare. Yesterday’s wars were fought by conventional weapons. Today's wars are fought on the Internet, and we are already seeing state-sponsored hackers attacking another country's infrastructure. And just as in World War 2, civilians and the private sector are going to be a large target. Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility, each one of us. We know a country is only as strong as its people who believe in it.