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Why We Started MettaSphere LLC

Today's blog is about why we started MettaSphere LLC. We are 2 friends who have over 50 years of IT experience behind us, working with everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We wanted to see IT done differently here in Lincoln County.

We wanted to take the proactive approach to protect businesses' important data in several ways. That includes remote management of the computer, doing basic maintenance while also managing patches and updates. Next there is the security system to make sure the computer is protected and finally the backup of the data to multiple locations along with checks to make sure the backups are good. We feel this proactive approach is better than the reactionary approach of waiting for a disaster and experiencing huge losses of profits due to downtime and possibly the loss of very important client data. This is what makes MettaSphere LLC different. We want to work with you to protect your computer and its data. We know living on the coast is one of the greatest places to live, but we still have risks and challenges. When a tsunami hits, what's your plan for getting your business back up? When your computer's hardware has finally had enough of the humidity, how do you ensure you don't lose important data? That's why we wanted to build MettaSphere LLC. We are wanting to help protect our local community's businesses, helping businesses in Lincoln County to have peace of mind about their computers and data.

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